Al Gore Launches New Youth-Focused Climate Initiative

Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming
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The new initiative launched today, April 22, Earth Day 2010.

Named Inconvenient Youth, a nice play on Gore’s famous “An Inconvenient Truth,” the initiative was created because Gore and his organization (The Climate Project) believe that teens have the power to create real change.

Sound Familiar?

From The Climate Project (TCP) website:

“Inconvenient Youth is built on the belief that teens can help lead efforts to solve the climate crisis. It will give this generation – which has a unique stake in this issue – a chance to organize and exchange ideas with other young people who want to do their part to address the climate crisis. Perhaps most importantly, this initiative was inspired by youth and shaped by youth with their unique viewpoint guiding it forward,” said Gore.

There is also a brand new social network to go along with it, where teens can share ideas, and start taking steps towards action. While it doesn’t seem all that different from other large teen social action networks (DoSomething, GenV),  the backing of Mr. Gore and the connection to his world-famous documentary will no doubt help its popularity.

Perhaps the most exciting news to any young environmentalist  is the opportunity to become an official TCP Presenter on climate change. Thousands will apply to be trained by Mr. Gore and his organization. A select five will go to Nashville to participate in the Our Choice training program run by TCP.

For anyone interested, you can find the application here: Hurry though, as the deadline in May 15.

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