Cash is Best

Money Grab
Image by Steve Wampler via Flickr

As many in the smart donor movement have pointed out, feel-good tangible giving like shoes and cattle are often very poor ways to deliver the most good. Cash is, in fact, best – even if it may feel that giving of our time or excess items is somehow better. Still, there are ways to volunteer your time – design posters to get people to give cash!

PSAID is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest for U.S.-based college and university students. PSAid seeks entries of broadcast and print PSAs which explain the importance of appropriate international disaster relief and build support for international disaster relief work done by well-established, U.S.-based international disaster relief organizations.

Their site is full of quite beautiful examples of ads to promote the simple idea that aid agencies know how to allocate resources a tad bit better than we do. Of course we at Teens for the World think that another great use of volunteer time is running charity events to raise the cash.

(HT: Good Intentions Are Not Enough)

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