What’s this Blog for?

I just wanted to lay out what I think this blog will be good at – what it’ll try to do. I don’t have much experience in down on the ground work on poverty, international aid or any of that – but I think what we can provide here at Teens for the World is a portal to seeing how teens everywhere can influence the world for the better. What this means is:

1. Highlighting great charities and the way they do business. From our own experience, from sites like Givewell, Philanthropedia, Charity Navigator and elsewhere we’ll push for teens to give to charities that are efficient, in need and doing the most work for the most people. Especially in times of disaster worldwide people need immediate advice about where to give – and where not to.

2. Alerting teens to charity event opportunities. Many, many companies reduce prices on their products and services if they’re put to use in athletic, food or other charity events.

3. Discussing how charity events work now, and how they can be better. Strategically, what this means is that while charity events are not the most cost efficient way to raise money, they are extremely effective at raising awareness – and so every event must have the twofold goal of raising funds and knowledge.

4. We’ll also talk about projects we’ve done, what we can do and so on. We hope the comments section can be a place to test where we can improve in helping teens work in charity.

5. Showing leadership opportunities like summer programs.


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